Shining in Da Sun/太陽に光る

Cyclub (☆サイクラブ☆): Shining in Da Sun (太陽に光る)

Science future / サイエンスフューチャー

cyclub☆サイクラブ☆: science☆future/サイエンス☆フューチャー

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sushi+Cyclub ~Rocket Fish show~

Sushi+Cyclub ~Rocket Fish show~
 Nov, 3rd (Sat)   8;00 pm 
           @ Rocket Fish (Sushi restaurant in Potrero Hill ) 
  1469 18th Street   San Francisco, CA 94107

image by Eric Drooker

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ジプシーパンクオペラ〜ジャパン〜舞踏家、ミュージシャン総勢20名 SFにて。 Gypsy Punk Opera ~Japan~ starts at 8 pm with 16 musicians + 6 Butoh Dancers in SF!

Gypsy Punk Opera ~Japan~  starts at 8 pm with 16 musicians + 6 Butoh Dancers in SF!

"Gypsy Punk Opera"~Japan~ ジプシーパンクオペラ~ジャパン~>

"Gypsy Punk Opera"~Japan~ is a music story with a message of nuclear power & the war industry today. 

Music by Cyclub+East Bay Brass Band

Butoh by Hiroko Tamano with Earthchild

Images by Eric Drooker 

Cyclub : Transformational international Gypsy Jazz Punk Rock band, current members are in Japan and here in San Francisco&Bay area"

East Bay Brass Band :Born in Oakland  trombone shout bands, New Orleans brass bands, hard bop, funk, rock, country, and pop, as well as feisty originals. You won't be able to stop dancing as we melt your mind.

Hiroko Tamano with Earth child :"Rotten Body and Silent Scream, Stunning Butoh Dancers group in Bay area"

Eric Drooker: born in New York,covers for New yorkers magazine,worked with Allen Gins-burg and the art director of animation for movie "Howl"

This story is about Space,Gods,Earth,human,devil,destruction and creation,revival,soul,spirits,
focus on Japan as a symbol of a head of an arrow in this world with 5 dimension art, sharpen 5th sense & get an inspiration.

Concept of "Gypsy Punk Opera"
To raise consciousness of natural energy,
For Fukushima Children who can't leave their land because of the law,
to inspire them to leave their land and travel the world to find friends like Gyspy,
with a punk spirit.
Concept of "Nyan Nyan Planet" 
Nyan Nyan is meow meow in Japanese. we all came from Cats planet but we forget it.
There is a story that around 40years ago,in South of Japan Minamata city,
industrial factory had thrown mercury into the ocean. 
People who lived around the area saw a lot of cats suddenly started to dance crazy, jumped into the ocean then died....Later they found out that people who lived near that factory suddenly lost balance,fell down and had been paralyzed for their whole lives. Cats are messengers
 from Nyan Nyan planet.
Space PiRats are from Nyan Nyan planet travel to the earth to see what's going on... 
Then they found a beautiful island...  
  30% of Fukushima Kids are now sick by Thyroid disease but doctors and governors don't admit it, they can't move out( a lot of families are suing about evacuation ).quite seriously fucked up and not joke,,,,.(it took 3-4 years to see this symptom in Chernobyl) 
we were coughing and had pain in throat, so i know what's going on.
Everyday i'm thinking about them and spreading information with music from out side Japan is 
A huge hope for us.
I also got to know a lot of children in Chernobyl are sick and increase more and more
 after 25 years!!
3 times a day, teachers call an ambulance for kids passed out..
This is happening right now, Governor don't admit because of money,   
Very sad but i believe that music travels with the truth.
  FUKUSHIMA =福島=Haapy Island(ハッピーアイランド)