Shining in Da Sun/太陽に光る

Cyclub (☆サイクラブ☆): Shining in Da Sun (太陽に光る)

Science future / サイエンスフューチャー

cyclub☆サイクラブ☆: science☆future/サイエンス☆フューチャー

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mind Thoughts & Ink Blots: Peace Flies On

Mind Thoughts & Ink Blots: Peace Flies On: Through the months of June and July of this year, *1000 paper prayer Cranes* flew into the window of "Coffee to the People" on Masonic @ ...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cyclub Music Video Shooting!!/サイクラブ☆ミュージックビデオ撮影!!

Yuya Morimoto was born in Kyoto, grew up in the forest in Wendell(Cyclub soul home),Massschusetts. Now he lives in Tokyo Japan, came to San Francisco and did a film shooting for a song "Shining in the Sun" arranged & recorded by Mark Parsons at Tincastle after played all over Japan with Rapper Kijiha,on Dragon God tour.Camera man Yousuke Koga,Butoh duo Armando & Luku,Dancers Pamela,Nuria,Coi Coi,Dasha&Brianna,Kimono stylist Yoko Unouchi,a sub cameraman Daniel and Kumi & Jiyuu Koga  came together to send creative energy & love for Japan. Consecutive miracle happened at film shooting.
Yuya went back to Japan,will do also some shooting in Japan then finish this artists collective art work!  
You'll see this documentary series on Cyclub TV coming soon!!
カエルのパメラ Frog Pam
舞踏アルマンドButoh Armand 


To Japan日本へ

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cyclub and Eric Drooker/サイクラブ☆とエリックデュルーカー ”2011”

Gypsy Punk Opera Started!!ジプシーパンクオペラ 始まる!

Cyclub and Hiroko Tamano/サイクラブ☆と玉野弘子 Iwaijima/祝島~the island of celebration~

Gypsy Punk Opera Started!! 
This is the Collaboration of Gypsy Punk,Cyclub + Butoh,Hiroko Tamano.

Monday, May 30, 2011

”Gypsy Punk Opera”starts!!/”ジプシーパンクオペラ”始まる!

先日サイクロンで行われた日本のためのベネフィットショウ、“ハーツ アクロス ザ パシフィック"のなかで共演された。日本は矢印の先、日の出るところ。。。
"Gypsy Punk Opera" starts!!
With a Butoh dancer, Hiroko Tamasei who lives in SF, a painter Eric Drooker who worked with Allen Ginsberg from NYC and Gypsy punk music,Cyclub co-stared "Gypsy Punk Opera".
This is the collaboration of Butoh+Vision + GypsyPunk for Japan!!
Japan is a head of an arrow...Where the sun rises ... For Japan, For everyone.
A lot of hearts are crossing the Pacific right now.... 
Photo by Michelle Lee / 撮影 ミッシェル リー
More details...もっと詳しくは。。。

”Iwaijima/祝島 〜Island of celebration〜”
Gods are singing and dancing on this island of celebration.....

”Hearts Across The Pacific / ハーツ アクロス ザ パシフィック"

"ハーツ アクロス ザ パシフィック"が行われました!
サンフランシスコにて、“ハーツ アクロス ザ パシフィック”(太平洋を渡るハート)という
"Hearts Across The Pacific" Benefit show for Japan@Cyclone in S.F on May 14th 2011!!
There was a benefit event for Japan named "Hearts across the Pacific"at Cyclone warehouse.
A lot of labor works,art works,clothes,gifts,food&music donated by local Artists,Musicians,local shops,chefs and friends,Thank you everybody,We collected $4000!

もっと写真は。。check out more photos..音楽と写真.html

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cyclub☆TV vol.8 サイクラブ☆TV第八弾! "Good bye Shuhei!グッバイ☆シュウヘイ君!!の巻

This time is a soul family road trip going to the tunnel to play music!!
One of Space Pirats, Shuhei was going back to Japan....
Sounds like Japan is one of kind Nyan Nyan planet.....?  
hope you understand Japanese....Ku's Rap is so rad!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mt. Shasta U.F.O/シャスタ山U.F.O

From Junco's interview.....
"on my birthday Morinig,a lot of things happened these days,
i was overwhelmed and sad and had no idea..

then suddenly a song came out of my mouth,like this...
"let's go to Mt.Shasta,Talking to Aliens,you might be able to get on UFO,then go back home...."
 We found a hidden waterfall,a root of Mt Shasta,
my head was still in Chaos,Then UFO showed up afternoon,
was chasing me when we were driving around Mt.Shasta.
then a friend of mine took me a land where you can see the most beautiful Mt.Shasta. UFO stayed on the top of Mt.Shasta for a while,
they seemed have a Space Pierats meeting there.
 I had had heavy headache,i couldn't e-mail pictures to anyone.
then a lots of stars!!
Next day, i was in Stewart hot spring as soon as i got there,
i felt very calm and smart native american's spirits...
place was amazing...serious healing hot spring,sauna with wooden fire then jump in the river of Mt.Shasta.I heard Native's chanting and praying fromsweat lodge when i was in seemd come from inside of my soul..
power of universe,space,nature....we got music&message! Space Pierats also created on mt.Shasta....where the magic water comes from..
Now we are recording a song we got from them here at TIncastle!
"Mt.Shasta U.F.O"!