Shining in Da Sun/太陽に光る

Cyclub (☆サイクラブ☆): Shining in Da Sun (太陽に光る)

Science future / サイエンスフューチャー

cyclub☆サイクラブ☆: science☆future/サイエンス☆フューチャー

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cyclub☆TV vol.8 サイクラブ☆TV第八弾! "Good bye Shuhei!グッバイ☆シュウヘイ君!!の巻

This time is a soul family road trip going to the tunnel to play music!!
One of Space Pirats, Shuhei was going back to Japan....
Sounds like Japan is one of kind Nyan Nyan planet.....?  
hope you understand Japanese....Ku's Rap is so rad!!

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