Shining in Da Sun/太陽に光る

Cyclub (☆サイクラブ☆): Shining in Da Sun (太陽に光る)

Science future / サイエンスフューチャー

cyclub☆サイクラブ☆: science☆future/サイエンス☆フューチャー

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kijiha,Ai,Izumi,Eucaly&Tao in S.F きじは、愛、いずみ、ユーカリ、タオ来SF

Finally!!Kijiha,Ai,Izumi,Eucaly&Tao came to S.F!!
We saw each other again and played music everyday like we used to do in Osaka for stop Rokkasho movement. Kijiha & Junko as Cyclub Japan went to tour all over Japan called "Dragon God Fes"  from Okinawa to Rokkasho village over 1 year & 7 months to give awareness of  nuclear energy and natural environment. I became really sick&skin allergic again.
Junko moved to S.F 3 years ago,Kijiha started his solo,
They promised to play music again. Now with Gypsy punk jazz 8 pieces 
"Cyclub SpscePirats" and electro Gyspy folk punk hip hop unit "Cyclub Core"、We just had a show with Butoh & Mime Dancers, Creating "Gyspy Punk Opera"(Music+Art+Butoh&Dance) to raise awareness with art, Theme is a head of an arrow "Japan" about nuclear energy.


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