Shining in Da Sun/太陽に光る

Cyclub (☆サイクラブ☆): Shining in Da Sun (太陽に光る)

Science future / サイエンスフューチャー

cyclub☆サイクラブ☆: science☆future/サイエンス☆フューチャー

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TIncastle is the Space Base 宇宙基地ティンキャッスル  

Morimoto Family from the beautiful forest Wendell Massachusettes where Cyclub's soul home
came to Tincastle to do "Cyclub 2010 sChOOL project"in 2010.
We worked on arrangement together and did recording 4 songs.
Thorough this project,Space Pirates came together to Tincastle now...!

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